Potty Training Follies

For any parents out there that have had problems trying to potty train their child, then they can definitely relate to what I am going through now as I attempt to get my son through this training at the moment. Since I have never had to do it before, I have tried all the books, asked friends, and interviewed colleagues attempting to gather the best information possible to make this transitional period as pain-free for me and my son as possible.

Little boy wearing sunglasses

Potty training for boys and girls is slightly different from what I have been told and this is why I have resorted to specifically asking mother and fathers of little boys the best ways and techniques they employed to get their sons going on their own in no time. I have heard that some parents can get their sons potty trained in as few as seven days and that may seem like a miracle, but it can be done. However, no matter what the timetable is, at the end of the day it takes patience, passion, and a sense of really knowing and understanding the particular needs of your child. The following are some ways to get your son potty trained as quickly as possible.


Buying Supplies

Baby training supplies

You’re going to need some equipment and that extends from the potty chair, to baby wipes, and even a reward chart for good progress. Other things to consider are DVDs and potty books that he can read during the process, a pair of special training underwear and anything else you think you may need to help your son along the way. Most little boys will not care about all of the extras, but if he has or asks for special needs, you may want to get them to keep his interest.


Issues with Nudity


You have to be prepared with your little boy running around the house naked or wearing very little once you get him underway to the world of potty training. Once you have your son placed in special pants and the time comes to go to the potty, you want to make it as easy for him to get them off, so just have him in those only until he learns how to pace himself.




There is nothing wrong with using bribes of food, candies, or even cold hard cash to get your son to go when the time comes. A little treat here or there can really help motivate your son to go to the loo. Find out what he likes and get prepared to get it and lots of it!


Getting Serious


If you want your son to be serious about getting potty trained, then you are going to have to be even more serious or as serious as your child to get through it. We have friends that dedicated one full week of intense training with their son and despite the inconvenience, they made it work and within a few weeks he was on his way and didn’t look back. What you don’t want is for your kid to get sidetracked, lose interest, and then you are forced back to where you began. The best thing is to have another option as back-up so you won’t ever have to know where to go next.