Ways to Reduce Printing Costs

Printing expenses if not monitored can soar up the roof. By the end of a financial year, printing might have consumed well over 5% of your total annual revenue. Yes, That much! Unfortunately, not many businesses monitor their printing costs, which, in turn, lead to their increase, considering the fact that printing takes place on daily basis. Well, your printer needs not to be a financial mill anymore. You can slash these printing expenses tremendously and save a lot of money for your business. How?


  • Changing Your Printer’s Settings

Saving money with your printer could be just as easy as pressing a few buttons on the machine. By changing printing settings, you can end up saving a lot at the end of every business day. These settings help reduce costs and prevent wastage, which leads to immediate savings. You can change your printer’s settings to duplex printing, draft mode printing, among other economical ways.


  • Managing Your Paper Supply


Different printers use different types of printing papers. In an office situation, you are likely to have more than one type of printing devices for different tasks. As a result, these options lead to increased cost of printing and wastage. To cut the costs, you can reduce the paper supply by buying multipurpose papers used by all these printing machines. The multipurpose papers are cheaper and produce quality work just like any other specialty paper.


  • Digitizing Your Workspace


Going digital can greatly cut your printing costs. A digital environment enables you to take advantage of cloud-based services that allow multiple users to use the web simultaneously. Also, your files can be stored, shared, and updated autonomously in the system without incurring any printing expenses. Moreover, you could simply set up an internal storage network for your business to allow easy access and minimize printing.


  • Choosing an Economical Printer


Most old printers fail in efficiency tests. Hence, you should consider upgrading to a more efficient and economical printer that can save you the ever-increasing printing costs in your business. Economical printers print documents fast saving on both time and ink. In turn, they require low costs per document. Also, they use less energy, which means that the bills will substantially reduce. Most interestingly, they require less control since they track and report on usage automatically.


  • Institute Rules For Your Printers


Printing costs are sometimes increased by unnecessary printing. Therefore, you can decide to come up with restricting rules on the use of printers. Besides, you can monitor usage and try to reduce unnecessary printing to keep the costs under control. Digital printers come with a lockdown that requires the inputting of a passcode to make print-outs. This way, tracking its usage is simplified, and it helps save avoidable costs.


Printing is a key activity for every business or office. If not closely monitored, printing can end up draining your revenues faster than you can possibly imagine. Therefore, it is prudent for you to implement the above tips in order to save on ink, paper, and power.

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